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GivingTuesday fundraiser for undocumented victims of Sonoma fires

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This season is a time for gathering, for food, and for giving. Many across the world will spend the holidays without family, without a place to call home, and without food on their table. The Thanksgiving season is actually one of the busiest times of giving, whether it’s giving time, talent or money. 

This year, a large group of Global Shapers across the West Coast have joined together to spread awareness and help raise money alongside Undocufund, a coalition supporting the undocumented immigrant fire workers whose lives have been destroyed by the Sonoma County Fires. 

For weeks, the Sonoma County Fires have destroyed more than 114,000 acres, 5,300 homes, and killed 23 people. Dozens of organizations have pitched in across the U.S. to support individuals who have been affected by these fires, as well as FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. However, thousands of undocumented immigrants who work in the vineyards and drive the local economy in Sonoma County have been overlooked and under supported. Their lack of immigration status, limited English proficiency, and fear of deportation have impeded their access to disaster-relief services, even for those that are eligible. 

This season, Global Shapers is stepping in to support the ongoing efforts of Undocufund, and are raising over $1m to help give immigrant families a home, put food on their tables, and provide support as they rebuild their lives and community. And I’d love for you to become a supporter too.

No amount is too small, and 100% of your proceeds go to these fire victims. Be a giver this year and help us support immigrant families across Sonoma County! #SonomaStrong #SeasonOfGiving