The San Francisco Hub of the Global Shapers is a community of young leaders committed to creating positive change in ourselves, our local community, and the world. We are an initiative of the World Economic Forum (WEF).


    Our mission is to marshall the considerable resources available to us — in the form of expertise, network, financing, and human effort — to catalyze or amplify projects and people that create positive, equitable impact.


    We commit to partnering with our local community to learn about problems and needs from those who face them; to designing our work with an eye towards scale and repeatability; and to supporting each other through the challenges we encounter.



    SF Climate Braintrust

    The SF Climate Braintrust was an interactive one-day program that took place during the Global Climate Action Summit. It sought to build meaningful and lasting relationships between young climate entrepreneurs and seasoned experts. Entrepreneurs brought a challenge they were facing to a round-table of experienced climate, academic and business advisors for problem-solving.

    The Longest Night

    Friday December 21 is the longest night of the year. In line with traditions all over the world, we are going to celebrate the overcoming of dark times and loneliness, but in a way that is modern and relatable without any religious dogma. We present a program of songs, stories, and community in a curated event in San Francisco to help you feel connected to your peers and to a higher purpose.

    Shelter Concert Series

    We are organizing monthly performances by top SF musicians at local shelters and single residence occupancies (SROs).

    Social Health & Loneliness

    We are tackling loneliness and promoting social health through an intergenerational friendship event to connect young and old in the Bay Area, a social media campaign around the world to take action in your local community, and a story series featuring elderly experiences in SF and London.

  • Wildfire Relief

    In response to the Camp and Woolsey wildfires in California, hubs across California banded together to raise over $12,000 for the the California Community Foundation, which has been helping support wildfire victims for over 15 years.


    In addition to our online fundraising efforts, we held events in Los Angeles and San Francisco to engage our local community in the issue.


    Representing Young People at World Economic Forum Events

    Mission: Represent the youth voice and perspective at official World Economic Forum events and activities.




    Global Shapers are invited to represent the youth voice at World Economic Forum events, such as the Annual Meeting in Davos, Annual Meeting of the New Champions, Summit on the Global Agenda, and more.


    "Party at the Palace" Fundraiser Gala

    Mission: Raise $100k to support 7 education nonprofits improving graduation rates and life outcomes for students in our community.


    San Francisco, California


    In the Bay Area, only 33% of students who start high school will graduate from college. SF Shapers are partnering with EdTechWomen and the Innovation Hangar to organize a "Party at the Palace" fundraiser gala for April 2, 2016 at the Palace of Fine Arts (FB event here). The gala brings together corporate sponsors like Salesforce, Palantir, and Wonolo, as well as 1,300 of the city's most influential millennials to raise 100,000 USD for 7 nonprofits supporting education in our community: Alternatives in Action, Black Girls Code, Citizen Schools, Girls Who Code, Minds Matter, Mission Graduates, and Wishbone.



    Mission: Leverage technology serve low income, homeless, and underserved members of our community.


    San Francisco, California


    ShelterTech creates tech-driven solutions for low income, homeless, and underserved members of our community. In 2016, we’re building AskDarcel, an app that leverages access to smartphones and WiFI, to provide those in need with a virtual case manager, guiding users through a step-by-step process to improve their lives.


    Engaging Cuban Entrepreneurs

    Mission: Connect business and social entrepreneurs across the US and Cuba.


    Havana, Cuba and San Francisco, California


    This was a 10-day trip to connect Cuban and American entrepreneurs and establish a World Economic Forum Global Shapers Hub in Havana, Cuba in April, 2016.


    Civic Tech Challenge

    Mission: Help passionate students + innovative technology change our community.


    San Francisco, California


    On November 7, 2015, SF Shapers partnered with Generation Citizen, a national nonprofit that runs action civics programming in local schools, to organize an inaugural "Civic Tech Challenge." Teens from the Generation Citizen program partnered with technologists and other community members to hack innovative tech add-ons to their action projects. Hackteams presented their innovations to 200+ guests at the evening presentation and reception, to a Judging Panel of the Bay Area's leading innovators (including Shapers!).


    Come Back Home

    Mission: Help Internet companies join forces to find missing people.


    San Francisco, California


    Every 40 seconds, a child goes missing. But what if the entire Internet could join forces to help find these kids and help bring them back home? The Come Back Home project enables companies with high Internet traffic add one line of code, which displays an non-intrusive banner with photos of missing people to any website's 404 error pages in the off-chance that someone who visits the site might recognize the missing people. Shapers are working with companies in the Bay Area to promote and publicize the initiative. Interested in joining? Email sfglobalshapers@gmail.com!


    Global Float

    Mission: Celebrate our cities around the world with a giant, global dance party.


    San Francisco, California - and in cities around the world


    The Global Float brings together people in cities around the world for a giant, continuous floating dance party. A floating dance party is when a group of people download a 90-minute mix with songs from around the world, meet up, press play together, and dance around their city together. The fourth annual Global Float is happening in dozens of cities around the world, including in San Francisco on Saturday, July 18, 2015.


    Proyecto Chispa

    Mission: Stop LGBT homelessness.


    San Francisco Bay Area, California


    Far too many LGBT youth find themselves in terrible positions - usually ostracized by their families and communities. We teamed up with Larkin Street Youth Services and The True Colors Fund to fight to stop LGBT youth homelessness by collecting used electronic equipment in SF and Bay Area. This project was conducted in February, 2015.


    Beyond Bars

    Partnering with organizations to provide education and mentorship opportunities to people who have been incarcerated.


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