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ShaperTalk with Abdi Soltani (Executive Director, ACLU Northern California)

On June 15, San Francisco Global Shapers hosted Abdi Soltani for a ShaperTalk at Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange.

Abdi Soltani is a nationally-recognized civil rights leader who has dedicated his adult life to social justice and equal treatment for all. His early work as an organizer helped change California from a state that passed some of the most regressive policies in the mid-90’s to a state that is among the most progressive in our nation. As Executive Director of the ACLU of Northern California since 2009, Abdi’s fight for civil liberties has been expansive and inclusive of racial, gender, and economic justice. He has deepened ACLU’s partnerships with communities most directly impacted by injustice and disparities. Under his leadership, the ACLU is now present in the Central Valley and at the State Capitol. This expansion has enabled the ACLU to defend and advance the civil liberties of all Californians and to mobilize our communities as a collective voice for fairness and equity. Abdi is a Levi Strauss Foundation Pioneer in Justice Fellow, and he is actively involved in the Iranian-American community.

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